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Good and energetic way to start a long weekend!!!!! It seemed like to be in a video game!!! Four games of 15min each in a row…it was tiring…but awesome!!!!! We’ll be back there for sure!!!!!!!!!


School dance

There was a school dance a while ago and the theme was “Jungle Fever” 😉 Not anybody dressed up, but I chose to do it, so I was cute bunny, wasn’t I? 😛 It was all very fun! The school was all setted up, there were coulored lights and loud music. We danced in the gym…everything was good and there wasn’t any unpleasant happening!


Last day of Spring Break: Stanley Park

Last day of Spring Break…what a sad day could have it been!!!! 😦 But it wasn’t…at all!!! It was fun, sunny,…a day among friends!!! Do you like the pictures?!?!?! 😀 I took all of them 😉 😛


Dissection of a sheep heart

WP_000028 (2)

And here we are…me and Chanel in our biology class!!! We dissected a sheep heart!!! Not too bad, don’t you think 😛 ??!!??!! It was really exciting for me!!!

Skiing at Cypress Mountain

I think there is no need of words…these pictures talk by themselves!!!

It was so hard to chose which ones are the best ones…I have so many astonishing pictures!! This place it’s astonishing!!!

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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I love Christmas!!! Everybody who knows me, knows this about me as well :P!!!
And then, I’m glad to be able to say that my Chrsitmas this year in Canada was awesome!!!

24th December

To start…Christmas Eve! My homestay family and I tryied to go to chruch, but my homestay mother got the wrong time, then after half an hour we came back home…and ready for Christmas Eve dinner with my homestay family: steaks, veggies, fruit and Christmas cake!

25th December…Ohohoh, Merry Christmas!

…and following…Christmas Day! In the morning we unwrapped all the presents and we had a brunch with my homesaty family…


…and right after it…ready to spend all the day with my brother’s homestay family! A nice afternoon and evening playing cards and table games all together, before and after a delicious dinner: turcky, many kinds of veggies, salads, an awesome huge plate of fruit and pumpkin pie!!! And we unwrapped presents as well! 😉


Andrea’s sixteenth birthday

The longest birthday of ever…actually my brother and I always say everything we have been living this year it’s the longest of every, because it seems to us to be lived in Italy as well as in Canada..then with 9 hours extra 🙂
And then, my brther’s sixteenth birthday as well!!! 😉 And this time this event had even more than 9 hours extra, because it was celebrate twice..let’s see how 😉

1st January…

WP_000003 (2) WP_000005 (2)

Andrea’s homesaty parents organized an amazing dinner at their house, where there were all the homestay’s closest relatives: June, Owen, Kaitlin, Krista. We had lots of fun, the meal was delicious as always and my brother really happy!!! He blew candels on the cake and he received presents!!!!

2nd January…

And on the actual birthday day I orgnized a birthday surprise party for him 😉 I cooked pasta at the oven with ricotta cheese and aspargus, and two salty cakes (one with leeks and speck and one with ricotta cheese and spinach) from 11am to 2pm t my house, while Nadja helped me baking the cake…yammy!!! My favourite one!!!


And after at 5pm we went to my brother house, showing up…quietly…yes, quietly because, Steve (my brother’s homesty father) told us Andrea was having a nap 😀 😀 😀 So funny… And then, when he woke up, he came upstairs where we were waiting for him 😀 😀 He was so confused seeing us there 😀 . It was a real surprise! Then we had dinner all together, we talked, Andrea unwrapped presents and blew was fun!! I do want to thank all the girls who were there (we were all girls, because the only boy I asked to come-my brother closest frined here-couldn’t come), who made this organizable and enjoyable! Then..thanks to Nadja, Annik, Julia, Alexia and Katerina! And obviously thanks to Lynn and Steve who allowed us to use the house and helped us in anything!!!!!