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20th December 2012: My surprise birthday party

December 30, 2012

20th December 2012: my first birthday far from home…how could it have been???
Not too bad at all!!! šŸ˜‰ And thanks to my fronds here and my brother!!!
I woke up in the morning falling in the dark on my homemates’ presents; I arrived at school and friends filled my hands of presents; I came back home and I discovered that a birthday party had been organized for me!!!! Everybody knew about it…except me!!! What good lyers!?!?! šŸ˜€
It was an awesome and unique day, that I lived between happiness and remembrance, because, even the strongest happiness can’t make me forget my parents and my Italian friends aren’t here with me!
Thanks to everybody for being as you are and not forget me!!!


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  1. silvia permalink

    Hai trovato degli amici fantastici in Canada ed hai lasciato alcuni amici fantastici in Italia. Il nostro auguri che tu possa rimanere sempre in contatto con entrambi. Grazie Andrea e Buon Compleanno Principessa

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