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November 4, 2012

31st October 2012: Halloween, one of the most big and important holidays here.

Everybody prepares at this event, decorating the house, deciding what to wear…so that he/she can scare!!! Tradition says that all the houses with pumpkins or other Halloween decorations out will give candy, so during the days before the 31st, all these people dig up pumpkins, giving them the shape that they prefer, so that after they can put them at the house entrance. Here it is my brother’s work! ūüėČ Not too bad…

Zucca Halloween Andrea

But this is just the beginning, because few days and………it’s Halloween!!! Everybody talks about it for a long time and everyone¬†is really interested in finding a nice and original constume!! Tradition says that srudents and teachers go to school masked for Halloween!!! It’s so fun!! You walk in the school corridors during switches of class beteween blocks, and there are lots lots lots of monsters!!! And teachers give free candy to students!!! ūüėȬ† A really¬†sweet day!!! ūüėõ

Here there is a picture of the vice-principal…:)


And here there are: me with a punch of my Social Studies classmates (first picture); Nadja, the¬†amazing German girl who lives with me, and Annik, one of my friends-she comes from Switzerland (second picture); Andrea with his modest costume (third picture)..:Dobviously¬†before the lesson :P…


During lunch break there are always activities organizied in the main gym, where guys can go to play or just cheer, having fun!! And all these activites are referee by teachers (usually it’s my physics teacher :D)!!! How can’t be done anything for Halloween??? Impossible…¬†the gym was really really crowdy because a competition for the best Halloween costume was happening…it was so typical, unique…Canadian!!!

These are few photos of the competitors (my brother took the pictures, just to be sure to have few memories of this experience :P)..obviously every student was wearing his/her constume for all the day, courses time included!! ūüėČ



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