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My Biology Class

October 9, 2012

During biology lessons we have been studying water and organic molecules. This means carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and…proteins too!!! So during one of last lessons (before I switched my courses) we built proteins and after….they became our hats :P!! It is fun, isn’t it??? 😀


And to conclude this amazing unit (that I liked a lot) we did a project: “We are what we eat“! It asked to do a poster choosing a food that you like, writing and drawing what’s in it. At the end you had to conclude if it is a healthy or not food in our opinion. I worked with the guy in the picture above (Josh) and we obviously did…Spaghetti!!!

Biology ''We are what we eat'' project

And the fun activities continue…

Biology Poster (DNA Replication)Bilogy Poster (Protein synthesis)


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