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Movie night at Hourseshoe Bay

September 10, 2012


Friday night…friends…outdoor cinema!!! What else to have a fun night??? We were lots fo guys who caught all together the bus from Park Royal (West Vancouver) to Houseshoe Bay (about half an hour by bus) and with pizza, fish and chips, cheeseburger and pop-corn saw a film on a big screem near the ocean…It was really typical and unique! We were seated on towels on the grass and around us there were so many people…the atmosphere was….special! Do you want to know the film’s name??!!??!! It was “The Big Miracle”’s nice! It’s about whales..I suggest seeing it! 😉


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  1. silvia permalink

    A guardare queste foto smbra di essere in un film. E’ particolarissimo sembra un pic-nic

    • Ho pensato la stessa cosa quando sono arrivata là…mi sembrava di stare in quel film di Jennifer Lopez che abbiamo visto 1000 volte, dove lei organizza martimoni e si innamora di uno sposo..:) Mi sentivo tanto attrice americana! 😛 Scherzo! Ma è stato divertente!

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