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Whytecliff Park

August 24, 2012




This is Whytecliff, a nice rocky beach near West Vancouver where I went with lots of international students and students leaders to enjoy orselves on the August 22 afternoon!! It was so fun: nearly everybody (surely not me) dived in the ocean from a rock which was 10 meters high!!!!!! :O The water was really cold and the weather was sunny and a bit windy. After that we went in the park, which is there near the sea, and we relaxed ourselves and we played with the ball…at the end, bus and home! It was a really nice day that we spent all together, becoming more and more friends! 😀 

And we came back here yesterday…it was much more sunny and hotter than last time!! 😉 I’ll show you the difference with these photos..

First time..

Second time…

And afetr a nice day we had a great dinner at Red Robin restaurant in Vancouver downtown!!!

 Everything was really fun!!!!!!!!!!

But this is note the end…

Third time (maybe last one???!!!)…

Today we were at Whytecliff another time..we were so many..we had never been so much!! I’ll show you some of the pictures that I took today, and I mark the subject of the phrase: I took..!!! 😀


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  1. silvia permalink

    Che posti fantastici!!! Le foto chi le ha fatte?

    • Quelle che sono dopo le scritte le ho sempre fatte io!! ;)) Quelle subito dopo il titolo sono invece scaricate da Internet..

  2. silvia permalink

    Ma sbaglio o si tuffano da molto in alto?

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